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As an Aquarian and seeker of knowledge I've been on a quest for Self-Love most of my life.  Only for most of my life, I didn't understand it was Self-Love I was searching for.  That was until May 2014, when once again I found myself feeling invisible; suffering from yet another internal ambush of anxiety and depression; and still unable to get financial traction under my feet - in spite of all my hard work, effort and years of being in the empowerment business. 


My transformational tipping point happened one day while sitting at my writing desk over looking the bay.   I was having yet another conversation (or more like a complaint session) with my Higher Power about my latest bout of emotional pain, when suddenly my monologue was interrupted with a download.  It said

"Soul Question." 

Since my childhood I have had a strong connection with my Higher Power, so I took this lead and Googled "Soul Questions"; only to discover that even Google was not familiar with the term.   So, I took the bate and turned to the Universe and asked with great curiosity, "What in the heck is a Soul Question?"  In which Spirit gave me an answer that changed the trajectory of my life.  

"A Soul Question is the question your soul comes to this existence with, that we are to spend a life time unveiling and discovering.  It is in a sense, the grand purpose of our journey."  

I reflected on that download and then took an inventory of my life's aches, pains, collisions and confusions.  Then without hesitation my soul question became clear: 

"What does it mean to authentically  love yourself?' 

It was a question that changed everything.


Today, as a Self-Love Recovery Coach I am passionate about teaching people the journey to Self-Love and more important how to make Self-Love a Non-Negotiable.  This message is so important to me because as someone who is a seeker of knowledge as well as someone who simply needed to learn how to enjoy this journey called life, I discovered that...


Where Self-Love is,

emotional pain, void, anguish, poverty, deprivation and illness

cannot be.

The journey to Self-Love is a path of dignity, clarity, financial prosperity and emotional weight loss.  It is a discovery into your soul that will empower you to unlock the invisible roadmaps so you can unleash your life.  It is a journey that will flush your system of emotional wounds.  It will unlock your dreams and financial prosperity.  It will lead you to friendship and authentic love.  And most important, for those of you who have ever felt invisible, it will give you internal eyes to see yourself in the emotional mirror of life.  And even better, it will  help you stand-up from within - something I call "emotional posture".  Because in case you didn't get the... 



You have a right to take-up space without apology.


And to begin, you need only to ask yourself one simple question, which is this: 

"What would your life look like

if you showed-up as someone you loved?"

Let's discover it together.  Right here. Right Now.  Because you are worth it...

Why Self Love?

Because the most important judgement we can pass is the one we pass on our self.