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Breaking Up with A.N.X.I.E.T.Y.

11 Steps to Healing

Where in 17 Days @ 20 minutes a day, you will find your peace."

"Because Living in Emotional Peace is Non-Negotiable"



The Breaking Up with A.N.X.I.E.T.Y. Overview

What's Wrong with Me?!
(Understanding Anxiety)

How Did I Get Here?
(Learning the Pathology of Panic)


Anxiety and the Law of Attraction

(The Power of Thought and Anxiety)



MODULE 4 - Step 1: "A" Learning Awareness
Identifying Your Anxiety Awareness List

MODULE 5 - Step 2: "A" Learning Awareness
Those Little Pricks (Identifying Triggers)

MODULE 6 - Step 3: "A" Learning Awareness Shut Up!(Learning to Silence the Panic Voice)

MODULE 7 - Step 4: "A" Learning Awareness
Identifying the Danger

MODULE 8 - Step 5: "N" Note the Nonsense
Finding the Internal Liar Liar Pants on Fire

MODULE 9 - Step 6: "X" X-Out the Lies
Creating the Void to Make Room for the Healing

MODULE 10 - Step 7: "I" Identify
Identifying Your Now

MODULE 11 - Step 8: "I" Identify
Identifying your Needs

MODULE 12 - Step 9: "E" Empowering Emotions
The Step Ladder to Peace

MODULE 13 - Step 10: "T" To Tell the Truth
And the Truth Shall Set you Free!

MODULE 14 - Step 11: "Y" Just Say Yes
Committing Your Life to Peace.

Here is what they say...


Dear Tracy,

Thank you so much!  I looked forward to every class and I love the way you delivered the message.  Between the beginning and the end I already experienced changes. I’ve learned some things about myself. This class was just what I needed and right when I needed it.  I have 6 pages of notes and may refer back to the FB classroom.  The emotional scale is sitting on my desk and today I’m at a place full of Enlightenment!  I have so much to look forward to and have the tools to push down the things that have been getting in my way.  (K. Bregman, AZ)

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