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As an Aquarian and seeker of knowledge, I've been on a quest for Self-Love most of my life.  Only for most of my life, I didn't understand it was Self-Love I was searching for. 


That was until May 2014, when once again I found myself feeling invisible; suffering from yet another internal ambush of anxiety and depression; and still unable to get financial traction under my feet - in spite of all my hard work, effort, and years of being in the empowerment business. 

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A Soul 


My transformational tipping-point happened one day while sitting at my writing desk over-looking the bay.   I was having yet another conversation (or more like a complaint session) with my Higher Power about my latest bout of emotional pain, when suddenly my monologue was interrupted with one of my downloads.  It said,  "Soul Question." 

On that note, allow me to digress for a moment.  Since childhood I have always received these insightful "downloads"; or aka, these deep inner knowings. 

They are messages from the Great Divine that are filled with emotional wisdom that are most certainly not my own, as they are far wiser than my human Self.

Well, that day on the Bay after the Great Divine prompted me with "Soul Questions", I took her lead and Googled the term; only to discover that even Google was not familiar with "Soul Questions." So filled with curiosity I asked, "What in the heck is a Soul Question?"  In which Spirit game me an answer that changed the trajectory of my life. 

"A Soul Question is the question your soul comes to this existence with, that we are to spend a lifetime unveiling and discovering.  It is in a sense, the grand purpose of our journey."  

It took only moments for me to reflect on my life, and without hesitation, my soul question became crystal clear:

 "What Does It Mean To Authentically  Love Yourself?"

That day, I embarked on my journey to Self-Love, and to date, it has been nothing short of a magic carpet ride that transported my life into something literally... magical.  Self-Love was the missing piece to healing my fractured soul. Which once that was repaired, Self-Love connected me to my deepest callings and Authentic Self; which then that unleashed my Divine Sensual Feminine, which once that Love Bug was awakened, I began to effortlessly manifest my dreams, love and money.  Like I said, the journey to Self-Love has been nothing short of a magical carpet ride.  

If living the amazing journey of Self-Love sounds like something your soul is craving to experience, I have committed my life to sharing the secret path to get there.  You can begin the journey by clicking below.  And I promise you as soon as you do, your magic carpet will be waiting... summed specifically for you, from the Universe. 

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