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The Courage to Say No More
Reclaiming Your Life After Emotional Abuse


When all warning signs say “NO!”, “STOP!”, “DON’T DO IT!” why do many women return to abuse?  The Courage to Say “No More” is a recovery book that shares the secretive and sometimes insane world of emotional abuse.  Told over a ten-year period, this

journal based story reveals the slow mental corruption of an educated and accomplished woman as she spirals into abuse; helplessly crumbles under the emotional assaults and crazy-making; escapes into hiding to save her life; and then fights for her emotional survival and recovery.


From romantic first introductions, to suicidal desperations, to a 10-step personal reinvention, The Courage to Say “No More” is one woman’s path from insanity to inspiration. 


In this book you will learn:
* How the spiral into abuse happens.
* The Silent Rules of Abuse
* The Warning Signs, Types, Techniques and Control Factors of abuse
* Why women stay
* The 10 Steps to Healing
* And best of all, the perfect revenge to abuse.


The Courage to Say “No More” is a step-by-step guide that teaches, no matter what type of abuse one faces, healing, happiness and reclaiming your life is possible, once you gain the courage to say “No More.”

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