Because Self-Love is Non-Negotiable


From Narcissistic Abuse to Self-Love

Narcissistic Abuse is one of the most annihilating and confusing forms of abuse a victim can survive.  Worse, until recently, the path to healing not known.  In this 3 part course Dr. Tracy Ph.D., will educate you on what Narcissistic Abuse is, why it is different than other forms of abuse, how the techniques of Narc Abuse cause more destruction to the victim, and best of all where the journey to healing begins.  Based on her book, "The Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Dictionary" this course will finally answer the question, "What the Hell happened to me?  And how to I recover?" 


This course is available as a walk-in, or a live viewing classroom.

Class Dates:  November 7,14, 21, 2018

Class Time:  7:00 PM Pacific Coast Time