Because Self-Love is Non-Negotiable



Have you tried conventional therapy and yet still suffer from a hole in your soul, a blurred sense of Self, a lack of Personal Power,  and the inability to get traction under your emotional feet?

In relationships, do you feel invisible, never enough, and yet are exhausted from the years of trying so hard? 


Do emotional aches and pains such as Addictive Thinking, Narcissistic Abuse, Anxiety, Depression,  and a lack of Personal Power still knock at your door? 

If you can answer "Yes"  what if I told you, there is one remedy that can finally fix it all? 

The Journey to Self-Love

The Greatest Discovery of your Life

The  Journey to Self-Love is a 21 day Coaching Program that changes the emotional feet you stand on, the internal relationship you have with yourself, and then with magic-like speed, it changes the trajectory and the story of your life. 

(The Journey to Self-Love)

HEllo Does the topic of Self-Love confuse you?  When you hear the words "Self-Love," does it sound more like a bad SKYPE call, rather than a clear message of empowerment?

If you can say "Yes,"  let me say that, "I am with you!"  Self-Love eluded me for years; and the end result was that my life of hurt!

The sad news is that I know I'm not alone.  In fact, as an empowerment expert for over 20 years, I'm convinced that the deficiency of Self-Love is the number one catalyst to:

[ ] less-than-love

[ ] abuse

[ ] loneliness

[ ] lost dreams

[ ] addictions

[ ] anxiety

[ ] depression

[ ] victimization

[ ] rejection paralysis

[ ] addictive thinking

[ ] fear based living

[ ] codependence

[ ] financial struggles

[ ] eating disorders

[ ] not to mention numerous emotional and physical ailments.

Research proves that without a healthy sense of Self
we are unable to make the necessary decisions to live a fulfilling and productive life.


But what if you never got the manual?  Meaning, what if culture, or religion, or dysfunctional environments left you void of the tools you need to protect and love yourself?  What if abuse told you, you weren't enough.  Or abandonment showed you, you didn't matter.  Or anxiety feared you to believe that life will swallow you alive?  What if rejection made you believe you had no 1st voice?  Or Narcissistic Abuse made you feel invisible? The answer is, we will feel and behave in ways that do not properly serve us.

"Self Love is not a Luxury.  It is a Necessity."

There are 2 primary things we need to be emotionally stable adults....

Which those two things are Relative Control and Relative Safety.  As a child, our parents were to provide this stability.   But if we didn't get the Memos from Self-Love Normal Land about Self-Love, it is our right and the responsibility to get these life-saver jackets for our self.

This 21 Day Coaching Program has been designed specifically for the wounded adult children who never got the Memos from 'Self-Love' Normal Land about how to care for yourself and reclaim the power over your own life. 

This course is a tipping-point coaching program because it literally teaches you the emotional bricks and mortar on how to reclaim your Self-Love; which that then equips you to own your Personal Power; which that in turn puts you in the Driver's seat to reclaim your life.

"Self Love is the North Star to Your Personal Power."

Who is Dr. Tracy

— Your Coach —

Self-Love Recovery Expert and Bestselling Author, Dr. Tracy

People who are Self-Love Deficient and Victims of Narcissistic Abuse Do Not Know How to Take-Care or Take-up for Themselves  - I teach my clients how to build a steely foundation of Self-Love under their emotional feet.  

"Who Do you Show-Up As?"

Dr. Tracy  is a Ph.D., a Certified Laws of Attraction Energy Life Coach who specializes in Self-Love Recovery and Narcissistic Abuse Trauma. With over 25 years of experience and 125,000 clients, her transformative teachings have traction because she found the formula to healthy and Authentic Self-Love.  Which where Self-Love is, Narcissism, Codependence, Anxiety, Depression and missed Dreams are not.   

If you are struggling with feeling invisible and secretly wonder how to create Personal Power and finally show-up for yourself, you are in the right place.

"What would life be like if you showed up as someone you loved?" 

The 21 Day JOURNEY TO SELF-LOVE will help you...

  • Learn what Authentic Self-Love really is, and why we need it for survival. 

  • Understand what is Self-Love Deficiency is, and recognize how it manifests in your life. 

  • Connect-the dots between emotional aches and pains and Self-Love Deficiency.

  • Connect-the dots between emotional blind spots and  Self-Love Deficiency.

  • Learn the difference between Self-Love and Narcissism.

  • Heal the fractured relationship with Self

  • Reset the faulty programming that blocks you from Self-Love and Success. 

  • Learn the formula and 21 "plank" foundation that creates authentic and sustainable Self-Love.

  • Learn the connection between Self-Love and Personal Power. 

  • Understand the energy connection between Self-Love and manifesting (good or bad).  

  • Learn how to show-up for yourself, by choosing  who you want to show up as. 

  • Connect-the-dots between your current life and the infrastructure of your Self-Love.

  • Learn how to hear and honor your First Voice. 

  • Learn the courage and skill set on how to become visible. 

"We all have the right to take-up our space,
without apology."

The Program Includes:

This program comes with the tools and life-skills to build a steely foundation of Self-Love and Personal Power beneath your emotional feet.  The program includes: 

  • 21 Daily Video Lessons (Because it takes 21 days to form a habit)

  • 21 Daily Life Work for Home Road Maps. 

  • PDF Downloads

  • Access to member only forum.

  • Access to live weekly chats with Dr. Tracy

  • Unlimited Q and A submissions (for the 21 Days)

  • The 4 Part Healing Module 

  • And all the rights and privileges to show up to your life without any apologies.


The Module 


The Self-Love Overview

(May 20) The Journey to Self- Love
(Setting the Foundation)

(May 21)
Ground Zero 
(Building the Foundation to Self-Love)

Self-Love & Defective Programming 
(Breaking Up with the Past) 


(May 22)
Breaking Up with Abandonment & Rejection (Part 1)
(When Abandonment Blocks Self-Love)

(May 23)
Breaking Up with Abandonment & Rejection (Part 2)

(May 24)

Breaking Up with Abuse
(Healing from the Words & Actions of Others)

(May 25)
Breaking Up with Co-Dependence
(Healing from the "I am Not Enough" Syndrome)

(May 26)
Breaking Up with Depression

(Learning  Joy)

Self-Love & Self-Protection

(May 27) From Boundry-less to Self Love
(Learning the Gift of Boundaries)

(May 28)
Releasing Guilt 

(May 29)
From Anger to to Self Love

(Learning Heathy Anger & the Cycle of Grief)

(May 30)
From Anxiety to Self Love

Self-Love & The Relationship with Self
(Getting Out of Your Own Way) 

(June 1)

From Blame to Self Love
(Becoming Unstuck)

(June 2)
Breaking Up with "The Blur"
(Knowing Your Truth and Keeping Your Truth)


(June 3)
From Nego-holic to Self-Love
(Silencing the Internal Critic)

(June 4)
From Perfectionism to Self-Love

(June 5)
From Invisible to Self-Love
(Defining the Authentic Self)

 (June 6)
From Un-Forgiveness to Self Love

(Reclaiming Visibility)

Self-Love & Destiny Management

(Getting On with Your Life)

(June 7)

From Emotional Homeless to Self Love

(Healing from Emotional Homelessness)

 (June 8)
Breaking up w Aimless
(Learning Positive Choice)

(June 9)
From Dreamless to Self Love
(Reinventing Your Dreams)

(June 10)
Breaking up with The Repeat
(Sustainable Self-Love)

"The journey to Self-Love a pilgrimage to the essence of who we are,

with the mission of reclaiming our right to our Authentic Be." 

Q & A


How does the Program Work?

The Journey to Self-Love launches on May 20.  Registrars will receive a link in their inbox to attend.  The class paperwork will be attached to the teaching.  Each class is only 20 minutes and comes with the Life Work for Home.   

What is the Price for Empowerment?

For a lot less than sitting on the professional couch (and a lot more fun), the Journey to Self-Love course is only $150.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Of course.  If you work the program, I guarantee the program will work for you.  And I guarantee that you'll not only be released of the negative emotions that have taken residency in your emotional system, but you will begin manifesting the life you deserve by the time you graduate.  Plus did I mention that you will lose about 100 emotional pounds, and meet the most amazing person in the world - which is You!

What do I do with the excuses in my head?

Ask yourself, "What is the price of my peace?" Or, "How is this misery working out for me?"  If your life is better living in pain, then keep up the hard work.  If however, you are ready to live a kinder, less effortful life, then join us on May 20th, and reclaim your personal power. 

"Are you ready to experience life as someone you authentically love?"