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"Mosaic are made from shattered pieces..."

- Dr. Tracy




About this Course

Narcissistic Abuse is one of the most diabolical forms of abuse.  When survived, this mind manipulating trauma leaves its victim void of self-identity, drained of their life fuel source, as well as dazed, fatigued  and confused because they don't understand what happened to their mind, body, soul, identity and sometimes their money.  If this describes you, join us for healing in "RECLAIMING  ME" (The Journey from Narcissistic Abuse to Self-Love); a course designed to restore a life shattered by Narcissistic Abuse.


Take the Tour

Research shows that Narcissistic Abuse Recovery takes anywhere from 18 - 24 months.  However, using her "Journey to Self-Love" roadmap as a path to healing, Dr. Tracy has developed a one month, 6 module program that will infuse and empower you with the life tools and Self-Love you need to heal. 

The "RECLAIMING  ME" 6 part module includes:

Module 1: "WHAT IS THIS?!" (The Narcissism and Self-Love Connection): In Module 1, Dr. Tracy will set the ground work for healing by explaining what is Narcissistic Abuse and Narcissistic Abuse Syndrome; why do they abuse; and why is Self-Love the only antidote to Narcissistic Abuse recovery? The Goal of this Module is to help you understand that what you experienced is real, and it has a name: Narcissistic Abuse. 

Module 2: "WHAT HAPPENED TO ME?" (The Breakdown Roadmap): Narcissistic Abuse happens when a Narcissist targets a victim and slowly chips away at their needs, wants and feelings, thus their identity, in order to feed their esteem needs.  In Module 2, Dr. Tracy will expose the 11 techniques the Narcissist uses to breakdown their victims.  Then , she will empower you with the life skills and tools to repair your soul and protect it from further Narcissitic assualts.  he Goal of this Module is to help you A) Recognize the many techniques of abuse. B)  Identify the trauma wounds caused by the abuse. And C) Offer you tools for healing the existing trauma wounds from the abuse. 

Module 3: "BREAKING THE ROOT ADDICTION" (Love & the Narcissist): Being "in love" with a Narcissist is worse than a heroine addiction, in that even though we know they are toxic for us, we still find our self going back for more.   In Module 3, Dr. Tracy will explain Narcissitic Conditioning,  Trauma Bonding, Love Addiction and the connection with empaths and Co-dependence.  Best of all by the end of the module you will learn the one Self-Love Tool that will change the way you love forever, thereby breaking the addiction cycle and your need or desire to go back for more.   

The Goal of this Module is to bring to the surface the underlying pains that keep you in the cycle of abuse. 

Module 4: "THE AFTERMATH OF ABUSE" (Healing from CPTSD): There is no doubt that Narcissistic Abuse causes trauma wounds.  One of those specific wounds is called CPTSD (Complex Post Trauma Stress Disorder.)  Research is now showing that for a victim of Narcissistic Abuse to authentically heal, she must treat her CPTSD.  In Module 4, Dr. Tracy will address the 5 symptoms of CPTSD including Abandonment Trauma, Toxic Shame, Anxiety Disorder, the Harsh Inner Critic and Aftershock. The Goal of this Module is o heal the CPTSD that keeps most victims stuck in the pain of abuse, long after the abuse has ended. 

Module 5: "THE FAMILY AND THE NARCISSIST" (When Leaving is Not an Option): Ideally, "No Contact" is the path to sanity with any Narcissist.  What however, can you do if that is not an option?  In Module 5, Dr. Tracy will openly discuss the difficult situations, like co-parenting, or when parents, children, bosses or siblings are the Narcissist.  Most important in this module she will teach you specific life skills and tools on how to keep your sanity and Self-Love if you choose to stay, or cannot be free of the Narcissist "today." The Goal of this Module is to teach you survival and protection skills if Narcissism is a part of your daily life. 

Module 6: "LOVE, THE FUTURE & THE REBUILD" (Life After Narcissistic Abuse):  Believe it or not, there is life after Narcissistic Abuse.  From survivng a Narcissistic divorce and the public Smear Campaigns, to restoring hope, learning how to forgive, and trusting yourself enough to love again, Module 6 is all about reclaiming your Peronal Power.  In addition to these valuable life skills, this module will also include 1) a complimentary "Bulligation" class from attorney Tamara Farrar, Esq who will teach you how to survive the court bullying.  And 2) a special How to Survive the Holidays with Dr. Tracy. 


The Cost

In all truth, the only "cost" to this program is what your soul will pay if you remain in pain.   But also consider this:  Healing from Narcissistic Abuse is not easy.  Many therapist are not trained in Narcissistic Abuse Syndrome or in CPTSD.   So though they may treat the symptoms you are experiencing (anxiety, depression, etc.), they will not treat the condition that is causing the pain, thereby keeping you stuck in emotional ache or subject to repeating the cycle.  In addition to this challenge, healing can be expensive.  If research shows that it take 18-24 month to heal, at $125 per weekly session (the cost of the average therapist), that means not only a lot of time until you feel better, but a a cost of $10,000-$15,000.  As someone who did that, there has to be a better way, and here it is. 

reclaiming me workbook cover.jpg

The  "R E C L A I M I N G   M E" Course 

  • PROGRAM #1: : For Personal Empowerment: 
    For those in need of personal empowerment, The Reclaiming Me 
    Course is an investment of only $750.  This equates to less than $20 per session.  The program includes: 

    • Daily Reclaiming Me Tests that identify and quantify the level of trauma you have experienced.  

    • Daily Reclaiming Me Video Downloads:   The 25 minute, concentrated classes help you a) identify your emotional pain, b) educate you on how you got it, and most important, c) teach and empower you how to heal.   

    • Daily Class Paper Work:  Each class comes with a note section to keep your detailed notes, your Memos from Normal Land® and your personal Take-Aways for quick reference. 

    • Daily Life-Work-For-Home:  Using Dr. Tracy's 4 part module for healing, each class will give you daily exercises to take your healing beyond the course  (at your pace) and keep you on a daily path of restoration. 

    • Private Community Access:  You will receive membership to the private on line community where you will have daily access to Dr. Tracy and her team, to ask any questions you need answered. 

    • Post Certification Qualification:  Should you desire to continue your recovery by becoming a WIN Facilitator, you can later join the Certification Program upon completion. 


reclaiming me kit display_edited-1.jpg
  • PROGRAM #2: : WIN Facilitator's Certification Program
    for Life Coaches, Therapist, and Women's Empowerment Leaders.  The goal of this Certification Program is launch a Reclaiming Me walk-in course in your area.  Y
    ou receive all the above plus...

    • The Official Certification to Facilitate Reclaiming Me in your area.

    • 6 Break-Out Training  Module Courses that will instruct you how to personally teach each module to your live class.

    • The Teacher's Curriculum:  That outlines in detail the teaching program and Reclaiming Me curriculu,.

    • A paid Facilitators Position at WIN:  As a Certified Facilitator, you will become one of our team members and run a local Reclaiming Me in your area. 

    • A platform for your Life Coaching business:  As a WIN Facilitator, we offer you a platform to teach the classes, which you can use as a portal for your private Life Coaching business. 

    • Live Video Teacher's Training (with Handbook) that outlines the details on Facilitating the Reclaiming Me Course in your area. 

    • Class Teachings and Paperwork:  Upon completion and launch of your local Reclaiming Me Program, you will receive the entire Reclaiming Me Program Teachings and accompanying Student paperwork

    • Investment:  $1,400 (payments available) 

  • For questions and one-to-one answers, contact us at


This proven life-changing program is for two people: 

  • Vicitms or Targets of Narcissistic Abuse: First and foremost this recovery program is for the Target or Victim of Narcissistic Abuse who needs to reclaim her life and identitfy after annhailated by Narcissistic Abuse. 

  • Life Coaches, Therapists or Empowerment Leaders:  If you work with women, understanding Narcissistic Abuse Trauma is a non-negotiable.  This program therefore is also designed to futher your knowledge and your ability to help lives in need.  In addition, this program has an additional training that will qualify you to become a W.I.N. Facilitator and run a walk-in "RECLAIMING  ME" in your area.  *NOTE:  Dr. Tracy's W.I.N. Foundation is a non-profit, 501(c)3 that specializes in abuse and self-Love recovery.  Details of the walk-in program will be provided within the training.

This Progam...

  • Educates the victim  about Narcissistic Abuse and Narcissistic Abuse Syndrome.

  • Heals the deep trauma wounds caused by Narcissistic Abuse including Narcissistic Induced Depression, Narcissistic Identity Theft, Gaslighting Trauma and more. 

  • Repairs the shattered Emotional System and stops the cycle of abuse by healing and connecting the dots between original abandonment and rejection and current Narcissistic Abuse.

  • Teaches the two secret emotional weapons required to heal from, and live free of Narcissistic abuse.

  • And provides answer, answer and more answers to reclaim your life. 

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