Because Self-Love is Non-Negotiable


Rejection is a Love Word

March 11, 2017



I don’t know about you, but I've always had a great distain for rejection.  Actually, more candidly speaking, I’ve always been knee-buckling terrified of it. 


Maybe it’s because I came into this world as an overly-sensitive soul who's spent the majority of my life seeking answers to Self-Love and connection.  Or maybe it’s because along this journey, like many, I’ve been on the receiving end of “No” when it came to my deep-need requests.


Either way for years, rejection was my Achilles Heel of paralysis, where on one end I couldn't move towards the things I knew would benefit me (fearing I might not get them.) Or worse, in the attempt to avoid its sting, I would hold onto things I knew were destroying me.  


Then one day along my journey to Self-Love I learned a pivotal lesson. I learned that rejection is a fallacy and it doesn’t really exist.  Meaning, it’s a mistaken belief where we chose to interpret the exits and “no's” we encounter, as the Universe saying we don’t deserve our rightful good.  To which I say, “Horse crap. Bull $#!+." Or, "Ouch - that's a painful message to feed our soul.”


There is a truth in life that applies to all of us, and it goes like this: What is meant to be in our life will stay in our life. And what is meant to go, we must let go.  


As a personality who would control time if I could, at first, that advice was not easy for me to swallow. But then a beautiful quote again spilled upon my Self-Love path that enlightened me.  It said, “God only has 3 answers for us: Yes. Not yet. And No, because I love you.” In which I learned that day that sometimes when things I love exit, it's not because I don't deserve them.  They instead exit, because I am loved.  


I still think it sucks to lose something you wanted, loved or thought you needed. And without question, the natural response to our loss is grief, self-doubt and fear.


Yet, as a perpetual seeker of Self-Love, one who tries not to hold onto thoughts or beliefs that don’t best serve me, I believe that finally, my Achilles Heel relationship with rejection has come to a peaceful end. 


Don't misunderstand.  It's not that rejection has left me for good.  Trust me when I say that it still on occasion, shows up and pounds on my door.    But now, rather than allow it to Taser me into paralysis, I instead take a deep breath and remind my soul, “Don't take it personal.  Everyone has a right to their own choices.  Trust that there is a foundation of love beneath us and we won't end up with a void.”


I can lovingly say these soul-embracing words because I have learned that the Universe really does loves me; which means that eventually, all roads will lead back to my good. And because the end of the story is "All is good", I can trust that the emptiness I’m looking at now is not a warehouse of loss. Instead, it's an open space for life to create something new.  Funny how life works - because I believe that Self-Love is Non-negotiable, now even rejection serves a higher purpose for me.




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