Because Self-Love is Non-Negotiable



Self-Love Sorority Tour

About the “Non-Negotiable” Program:

The "Non-Negotiable Sorority Tour" is a life-skills, national program that addresses the "real-life" emotions and challenges faced by college women today.    The goal of the "Non-Negotiable Sorority Tour" is to empower young women with personal skills and life-tools so they can experience a more successful college life, a better self-existence, and be prepared with personal and leadership skills for tomorrow.   


How the " Non-Negotiable Program Works:

The “Non-Negotiable” Sorority Tour brings to the forefront, the real-life challenges that affects today’s college women.  This season the “Non-Negotiable” topics include important subjects as Self-Confidence, Anxiety, Depression, Destiny Management and more.  There is a total of 20 "Non-Negotiables" in the entire curriculum.  See the 7 Non-Negotiables for this season.  (See attached menu.)


The "Non-Negotiable” Sorority Tour is a 45-minute presentation that offers humor, insight, a sense of connection, as well as practical tools for the attendees.  In addition, as it’s delivered in a “sisterhood” setting, the Non-Negotiables teachings help establish group standards and attitudes for community and personal success.


What Makes "Non -Negotiable” Different?:

The "Non-Negotiable” Sorority Tour is just as unique as every house.   Following an educational message on what Self-Love authentically is (and why Self-Love is a Non-Negotiable), the primary teaching is built specially on the needs and desires of the attendees.  From how to handle anxiety, to gaining confidence in negotiating your worth, to discussing body-acceptance, the Non-Negotiable topic of choice is selected by the organizers.



Is there a Need for "Non -Negotiable” on Campus?

The answer is “Yes.”  College is a vulnerable time for any young woman.  Not quite an adult, no longer a child, many college age women are experiencing life on their own for the very first time.  Combine this challenge with the stress of studies, the pressures of campus life, as well as the pending anticipation of their personal futures, and the end result is that college age women are often times suffering, with no skills to assist themselves.


Who Can Attend a "Non -Negotiable” Event?

The “Non-Negotiable” program is available to both sororities, Panhellenics as well as national conferences.   Each presentation is 45 minutes in length and is accompanied with handouts and follow up support.



Scheduling for fall of 2017 – 2018 is available.  Contact us at:


About Dr. Tracy

The “Self-Love Non-Negotiable” Sorority Tour was founded by Dr. Tracy.  She is an author, speaker, an entrepreneur or 3 companies and an inspirationalist.   She has developed over 30 programs of empowerment, including the “Raise Your Standards” college program (commissioned by Miller-Cruise) that was delivered to over 75 campuses and 50,000 students across the U.S.A.  For more on Dr. Tracy, visit her website at




The 2017 / 2018 "Non -Negotiable” Menu

Non-Negotiable:  (n.)  A No-Way foundation that we build a life of greatness on.




  • Self-Love:  In this class, attendees will learn about the foundation of Self-Love and why it must be a Non-Negotiable.   Fun and empowering this class teaches the attendee to understand what Self-Love is, what Self-Love isn’t and more important how to choose healthy Self-Love as a foundation for life.

  • Dreams:  Living a default life is one of the number culprits to an unfulfilled life.  That however is why we are given dreams!  In this class attendees will learn the purpose of a dream and the 5 Ps to making your Dreams a Non-Negotiable.   

  • Safety: Safety is one of the most important emotions for a woman.   However, 1 in 4 women reports having kept the secrets of an abusive relationship.  In this class, the attendees will learn what to do if she finds herself in abusive love and how to make her safety a Non-Negotiable.

  • Joy:  One of our birth rights is to live in Joy. Depression however, affects 1 in 10 women in the United States.  In this class attendees will learn why Joy is a Non-Negotiable and the number one secret to protecting your inner light.   

  • Relative Control:  Women are feelers, and as a result we can tend to worry, worry, worry about others before caring for our self.  In this class, you will learn how to stop worrying about others, which will in turn gain more control over the outcome of your life.

  • Peace:  Anxiety affects 40,000 people in the U.S.A. alone.  And worse, it is contagious.  In this class you will learn how to stop the sting of anxiety, take back your power thoughts and make your Peace a Non-Negotiable.

  • Sanity:  Each of us has experienced a less than “kind” relationship.   But what if YOU are that person of pain?  In this class attendees will learn about the internal Nego-holic and best of all, gain the skills to break-up with the inner bully for good!   







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