Because Self-Love is Non-Negotiable


Among the many treasures I have gained through your teachings, self-love and living my authentic truth keeps me centered. When I am truthful and authentic with myself, down to the smallest things and decisions, I feel that what I need matters, and it's okay to take care of myself; which inherently transfers to those around me. I always look forward to your trainings and the pearls of wisdom you share.


Las Vegas

Like many women, I suffered from anxiety and depression that put me on a regular roller coaster of emotions.  Without a doubt it took a toll on both my work and personal relationships.  I took Dr. Tracy's course and it literally changed my life in that I learned that not only was I not a crazy person, but I also that wasn't alone.  These classes gave me the tools I needed to handle the things life threw my way and more importantly I got my confidence and my life back.  So life-changing were these classes for me that I went on to become certified and now teach the practices and principles with my clients.



When I joined  Dr. Tracy's program I was facing very difficult trails & tribulations in my marriage.  The program (on Self-Love) empowered me with tools that changed my life forever.   The most impacting Reclaiming Me Principle was,  "Your need is your responsibility, and that my need is my responsibility."   This one MEMO FROM NORMAL LAND created a huge life shift.  Today I am strong, courageous and very confident.  I walk in Self-Love and in healthy relationships.  I can only say THANK YOU for sharing your wisdom in my life...specially when I needed it the most.  God bless your heart! I am very happy today and glad our paths has crossed. Forever grateful Carene


South Africa

With the tools taught through Dr. Tracy's teachings I have been empowered to discover my voice.  A voice to speak about the things that directly affect me. To share my dreams and passions with 100% confidence. And, most importantly, understanding what my non-negotiables are. My life has been profoundly touched, for this I am forever grateful.


Texas, USA

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