Because Self-Love is Non-Negotiable


Self-Love is Non-Negotiable

Houston, Texas

Young Women's Leadership Summit


Wanderlust:  Voulegmeni

Wisdom:  Emotional Homeless

Wanderlust:  Amsterdam

Wisdom:  How To Make Up for Lost Time

Wanderlust:  Hollywood

Wisdom:  The Only Role We Are to Play -
"Being Our Authentic Self"

Wanderlust:  Newport Beach

Wisdom:  Embrace Your Multiple Personalities

(Transformation start - 2:09)

Wanderlust:  British Virgin Islands

Wisdom:  How Not to Panic with Pushy People

(Transformation Start: 1:38)

Wanderlust:  Tel Aviv

Wisdom:  How Not Be an Audience to the Drama
(Transformation Start - 1:11)


TRAVEL: New York, New York

TRANSFORMATION:  The "X" in S.E.X.Y is ....