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About the 6th Annual Discover the Divine Conference


In world filled with non-stop tasking and never-ending "To Do" lists, sometimes we need a STOP button to reset our soul.  That is what you will find at the 6th annual, Discover the Divine Conference.  Taking place in the beautiful Greek Riviera, during this 4-night, 5-day wanderlust event you will...

  • Start your morning sipping Greek coffee while belly dancing on the beach or meditating to Divine Self-Love yoga...

  • Welcome in the evening against the backdrop of gold sunsets as you step out in your Divine Feminine Erotic to site see, indulge in decadent Mediterranean fresh food, and dance under the stars with a Divine community of international amazing women. 

  • But most exciting, our Discover the Divine days will be filled with Divine Oracle teachings, where we will deep dive into our expansiveness and learn how to release the past, create space in our present, and prepare for our future by learning how to "Dream Bigger!"



As a Feminine Boss, we are hardwired to be Divine Miraculous Manifesters.  This means that by Divine Creative Nature, since birth, we are filled with the energetic magic to Do, Be and Have our life by design.   


What if however, your Divine success formula was interrupted with a trauma message that says, "You are not enough".  The answer is that this decision-making trauma wound will compromise your dreams, desires and life destinies.  


At this year's Discover the Divine, Dr. Tracy, an Oracle for the Great Divine, will be sharing the manifestation formulas (and more) about on how and why we need to Dream Bigger. 

  • Come repair your soul. 

  • Come reinvent your dreams.

  • Come revive your body and your kepi (your internal life's candle).   

  • Come receive your success formulas.    

  • And come reinvent your life.

 Authentic Local Experiences

Sunshine & Sea Views


Spiritual Awakenings

Rest & Relaxation


Lots of Laughter

Site Seeing  

Culinary Pleasures

Tribe Building

Fun & Friendships


Personal Reinvention

Divine Photoshoots

Divine Take-Aways... 

Divine Details

What's Included

  • AIRPORT:  Athens International Airport -


  • HOTEL: Amarilla Hotel (Special Group Rate available)


    • Option 1 - Diadem package: $999 (USD)
      (4 Day Conference sessions, daily gifts) 

    • Option 2 - Tiara package: $1,350 USD
      Above, + 3 lunches, 3 dinners, event transportation. 

    • Option 3- Crown package: $1,500 USD
      (Above + sunset boat cruise / dinner)

  • Opening Night Cocktail Reception

  • Breakfast (at hotel)

  • Belly Dancing or Divine Yoga on the Beach

  • Belly Dancing Regalia

  • Divine Daily Workshops

  • Divine Conference Material

  • Daily Sweets and Coffee

  • Daily Divine Gifts

  • Daily Lunch*

  • Sunset Rose Networking meetings

  • Divine Photoshoot

  • Discover the Divine Keepsake Crown

  • Feminine Boss Fashion Show

  • Networking

  • Not Included: Hotel 


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