I have always been in love with Greece...

In fact, 20 years ago when my feet touched the mother land for the first time, my soul literally took a breath. 


There's something magical about this land. The rocks can share its history; the sunsets paint their colors on your soul; the waters purify you down to the cellular level.  And for God sakes, let's not even talk about the beautiful people or the food that gives you a near orgasm when it touches your tongue.  


Whenever I'm in Greece I feel a different side of myself.  My soul is more centered.  My brain is more spacious.  My body feels more free.  Most important my Spirit and First Voice are unrestricted.  It's an experience you don't find in a normal "vacation." That's why I chose my "Happy Place" to be the location for my 3rd annual  "Discover the Divine" Conference, 2020; a soul-awakening intimate journey where we will reclaim and reignite the treasures of the Divine Feminine so we can create our life not by default, but instead by design. 

What is the Discover Divine Conference? 
The Discover the Divine Conference is a 5 day, 4 night seminar where you will learn the magic, mystery and manifestation power of the Divine Feminine. Found within every woman, this secret life fuel source is part Feminine Energy, part Divine God Source, and part physicality.  When combined, it empowers you to live emotionally, physically, sensually, sexually and spiritually as the highest definition of Self.  During this adventure we will discover:

  • Divine Order - (A promise that says, "There is a perfect solution to my problem is already in place.")

  • Divine Identity - (The fact that since the day you were formed from one cell, you qualified as "enough.")

  • Divine Erotic - (Where our Sexuality and Spirituality meet)

  • Divine Magic - (The Energy source that exists within every woman, that is a vital life source and pre-requisite to manifesting the life we desire and deserve.)

Divine Photo Shoot

In addition to the sunsets and site-seeing you'll consume while in Greece, you will also be treated to a Divine Feminine Photoshoot, taken on the waters of the Mediterranean by world class photographer Dolores Couceiro.   This Divine photo of you will be a keep sake memoir to the new "You", that you'll discover in this magical land. 

To Reserve Your Seat

So my beautiful Divine Soul, if you are in need of a reset or a reinvent, mark your calendars for September 8 - 12, 2020.   The cost to attend this amazing conference is only $750, which includes the Divine Feminine conference and material, a daily lunch, a Rose' All Day Table, participant gifts, and a Divine Photo Shoot.  A $100 deposit is required to hold your seat, and monthly payments are available until paid in full.  A 100% refund is available until April.  Special rates for our group are available at the event hotel (to be announced in January), which includes breakfast.  Diner events are optional to attend and will be based on per menu.   


I guarantee that the Discover the Divine Conference will be one of the most impacting journeys of your life.  But how can it not be?  The hidden treasure called "You" is what will be discovered.