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Reclaiming Me Info Reel

Reclaiming Me Info Reel

#lifecoach #drtracy #selflove #nonnegotiable Narcissistic Abuse is one of the most diabolical forms of abuse. When survived, this mind manipulating trauma leaves its victim void of self-identity, drained of their life fuel source, as well as dazed, fatigued and confused because they don't understand what happened to their mind, body, soul, identity and sometimes their money. If this describes you, join us for healing in "RECLAIMING ME" (The Journey from Narcissistic Abuse to Self-Love); a course designed to restore a life shattered by Narcissistic Abuse. LIVE ON LINE | ON DEMAND | WALK-IN (closed)In Module 2, Class 12, Self-Love Recovery Coach Dr. Tracy shares the Self-Love Plank you need to physically protect your body when faced with the stress of Narcissistic Abuse DO YOU WANT TO ATTEND THE ON LINE RECLAIMING ME PROGRAM? ARE YOU A LIFE COACH INTERESTED IN FACILITATING A CLASS? FOR MY RECOVERY BOOKS Are you on your own healing journey and would like to join our live classes on line: Dr. Tracy is a Ph.D, a Laws of Attraction Specialist, and a Self-Love Recovery Coach who wants to teach the Self-Love Journey to Healing from Narcissistic Abuse. MEMO FROM SELF-LOVE NORMAL LAND: Narcissistic Abuse entered your life because of a missing plank in your Self-Love Foundation. In this program you will discover the missing Self-Love plank, so Narcissism will never be able to enter your life again. Information. J
1-1 From Self Love Deficiency to Self Love Class
1-2 From What is this to Self Love
1-3 From Fuel Source to Self Love