Find out WHY

Self-Love is

the only Antidote

to Narcissistic Abuse

I'M DR. TRACY! (Ph. D.)

A Best Selling Author, an International Speaker,  a Femininity Preservationist and most important a SELF-LOVE Recovery Coach.  And here is why I am passionate about the journey to Self-Love...

As an Aquarian and seeker of knowledge I've been on a quest for Self-Love most of my life.  Only for most of my life, I didn't understand it was Self-Love I was searching for.  That was until May 2014, when once again I found myself feeling invisible; suffering from yet another internal ambush of anxiety and depression; and still unable to get financial traction under my feet - in spite of all my hard work, effort and years of being in the empowerment business. 

Upcoming Programs

Reclaiming Me

The Journey from Narcissitic Abuse to Self-Love

A 21 Day Recovery Program for those whose lives have been shattered from Narcissistic Abuse.



"Among the many treasures I have gained through your teachings, self-love and living my authentic truth keeps me centered. When I am truthful and authentic with myself, down to the smallest things and decisions, I feel that what I need matters, and it's okay to take care of myself; which inherently transfers to those around me. I always look forward to your training's and the pearls of wisdom you share."

- Jeanette from Nevada -



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