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Narcissistic Abuse is a diabolical form of abuse.  When survived, it leaves its victim void of self-identity, drained of their life fuel source, as well as dazed and confused because they don't understand what happened to their mind, body, soul and sometimes their money. 


The Reclaiming Me program is a weekly Narcissistic Trauma recovery course developed by Self-Love Coach and abuse recovery expert (and survivor) Dr. Tracy Ph.D.  Using her "Journey to Self-Love" roadmap as the path to healing, this program:

  • Educates the attendees about Narcissistic Abuse

  • Heals the trauma wounds caused by Narcissistic Abuse

  • Repairs the shattered Emotional System

  • Teaches the victim how to live and love again, only this time with tools. 

Class Information:  Classes are available anytime.  Thank you to the WIN Foundation, the cost is only $10 per class.  You can join at anytime. 



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